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How Insurance Companies denied necessary medical treatment! …

Insurance is commonly cited by experts and addiction patients as THE BIGGEST BARRIER to obtaining treatment. In 2018 about 100,000 people in the U.S. needed drug addiction treatment, but couldn’t get the coverage they needed because of their insurance either didn’t cover it at ALL, or didn’t cover the full cost. (National Survey on Drug Use) We know that addiction isn’t a 2 month process to get clean, the need for treatment and insurance coverage needs to improve or this barrier will continue to help raise these numbers.

Collectively, we as people should answer if we are still in the day and age where addiction is seen as moral failure, instead of a medical condition?

Health insurers still resist covering treatment despite federal and state laws trying to get them to do so. Their refusal to pay means they aren’t providing any form of quality control-something they cover in almost every other sector of coverage that they provide.

The article attached shares an unfortunate story of a mother who lost her son to addiction, and the battle that she is still fighting against her insurers.

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