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Wright State University Wellness Coach: No Better Time Than Now

Written by Nazarae Butler

July 1, 2021

This Spring term I had the opportunity to participate as a Wellness Coach for the Student Affairs in Higher Education program. Prior to my involvement in wellness Wednesdays, I always knew at some point I wanted my wellness to be a priority. But it was something I didn’t make time for and therefore didn’t see how such practices could change my entire day. The pandemic seemed like the perfect time because during this time, I felted the most stressed, alone, and overwhelmed.

I initially jumped at the opportunity of being a wellness coach after taking a course called Helping Skills in effort to further the skills I’ve learned in that class. Being a wellness coach presented so many opportunities in myself development and my contribution in helping others in theirs. As a result of the program, I allocated time to several different types of wellness including but not limited to my wellness mentally, financially, physically spiritually, and socially. The workshops helped me realize areas that I may be more well-rounded in than others. It also helps me realized when I focus on one wellness, it also positively affects some of the others. For example, I am one who unfortunately spends so much money eating out. When I started to use my money more wisely such as buying groceries instead, that was also helping me physically due to the nutrition I was receiving from meal prepping.

One of my favorite workshops was the social wellness workshop. I think it came in perfect timing as we have been experiencing this new quarantine life. Since the pandemic, my social life has been nonexistent which has played a huge role in my functioning. I am a people’s person and there is something about being around people that brings forth motivation. Before, the pandemic I would plan a trip once a month to help me get through the semester. It would give me something to look forward to in effort to finish the week or month strong.

Going through isolation made me unmotivated academically and to even do anything for myself. However, the session allowed us to brainstorm ways we can socialize virtually. Since the session and utilizing some of the resources and ideas we came up with, overall, I’ve felt a lot more energized and fulfilled. I loved our sessions because it helps each individual intentionally and holistically. It was also nice to know that you are not only one going through what you are which makes life a lot easier.

Being a coach was also amazing. I’ve always been intact with the thought of being able to help other people. I’ve always been one who helped others but being a part of this helped me realized that you have to help yourself before you help others. We typically met on Wednesday at noon which was also a great selling point for me. It was mid-week and mid-day. I knew if I started my week rocky or had a rocky start to my day, that I will have a better afternoon or week after attending a wellness Wednesday.

I would recommend Wellness Wednesday to all students especially students who don’t often seek out counseling for several reasons. Relatively speaking, in my case, I felt this was a way to receive counsel without having to single yourself out. While this program was offered for the Student Affairs in Higher Education graduate students, I hope eventually it will open up to all students because it is that impactful.


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