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Wright State University Wellness Coach: Developing Self-Awareness

Written by Kayla Patterson

July 9, 2021

As a student, it is easy to get stressed and overwhelmed with school, work, and other responsibilities. The feeling of finally getting your footing just to have another task pop up seems like a never-ending cycle. This past year has been even more unique because of the constant stress and uneasiness happening in the world around us. While there seem to be frequent reminders and posts on social media that stress the importance of “self-care” and “slowing down”, this is easier said than done, and in my case, I wasn’t sure where to start.

The Wellness Sessions and Apportis platform came at a perfect time for me. The Wellness Sessions gave me the opportunity to interact and connect with my peers and allowed me to learn from them while the Apportis platform served as an excellent resource for finding information on the wellness wheel and beyond. I found myself looking at other resources related to mental health and wellness out of genuine interest and curiosity. Apportis provided extensive information and resources in a way that was easily accessible and digestible. This served as a great starting point for me while I worked on my wellness journey this semester.


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