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Wright State University Wellness Coach: Take Charge of Your Life

Written by Ciana Roush

June 24, 2021

The experience I had as a Wellness Coach in my final semester was insightful and fulfilling. I feel that I learned a lot about the wellness wheel, my wellness status, and my coaching abilities. Getting to learn from my peers was great, and I liked the activities that we did during each session. Whether that was run by my peer or the guest speaker we had. These sessions informed me about all the dimensions of wellness and how they all interlace with one another. There were some that I never thought about before and others that I learned so much more about. I did my session on emotional wellness, and I learned an extensive amount about what it is, how to improve it, and what other institutions are doing to help their students improve it too. The resources provided by Apportis were integral in my learning process, and I used them during my session as well.

While listening to other wellness sessions, I took a particular interest in physical wellness and how I can take strides to improve it. After the session on physical wellness, I looked to Apportis for resources. I found many different types of resources and they were all helpful. The site was easy to navigate, and I could find what I wanted quickly. I have started to focus on my physical wellness and improve it through various avenues. Eating healthier, working out, sleeping better, and creating goals for all those aspects of physical wellness. I am excited to put forth the effort to reach my goals so that I can start improving a different aspect of my wellness.

The scheduling piece of Apportis was also intuitive. It was simple to set up an availability schedule and set-up appointments with mentees. I thought this was a great addition to what we were already doing as a program and hope to something similar in the future. Overall, I enjoyed my experience in this new initiative. I hope to work with it in the future and learn more about wellness along the way.


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