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10 Tweaks To Your Morning Routine That Will Transform Your Entire Day …

Written by Eric Ulchakere

May 20, 2020

Great little read I picked up this morning on how to get your mind and body right as you begin your productive day. One key point that I took from this article, that I would like to share with you all, along with my thoughts on the matter is, no e-mailing or fiddling with your phone until you’ve eaten three frogs. I know what you all must be thinking. But do not take those words literally, as I have not and would never recommend eating a frog. “The term “eating a frog” is the greatest antidote to procrastination, and the most productive people know the importance of biting into this delicacy first thing in the morning. In other words, spend your morning on something that requires a high level of concentration that you don’t want to do, and you’ll get it done in short order. Make a habit of eating three frogs before you check your e-mail because e-mail is a major distraction that enables procrastination and wastes precious mental energy.”(Bradberry,2017)
“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” – Mark Twain

With technology these days we are able to access information effectively and promptly, but also can be distracted fairly easily by our mobile devices. So challenge your mind and body with a few difficult or strenuous tasks right after you wake up.
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