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Journal Entry 7 – Momentum and the Mountain. …

Written by Eric Ulchakere

May 20, 2020

 It looks too big to tackle, but just start climbing and see what happens


First point of business is to apologize for the long delay in posting. Apportis is going through some major growth and I have been focusing on everything else, leaving little time for “me.”

The good news is that I have retained most of the weight loss that has occurred since first starting this journey. The bad news is that I have lost all momentum and I am once again at the bottom of the mountain looking up. It took a conversation with my coach through the platform to refocus me and task me to find time to work on myself.

But wow, that mountain looks bigger this time around.

Any tips on how to motivate yourself once you get off-course would be gladly welcomed, what do you do?

Looking at my Calendar I have my Birthday facing me and we have a house guest staying with us for 2 weeks… I am going to struggle to get my diet back under control.

I don’t want to sound too glum, I do have some incredible results from what I have done so far. I had to have my biometrics done for a Life Insurance policy last Friday and my blood pressure is now in the normal range (tested 3 times) and my resting heart rate is down nearly 20 beats per minute!

I know this works and I know I need to regain that momentum because amazing things can happen.

Time to tackle a mountain.



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