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Making a Difference in Williams County — Ohio …

Written by Eric Ulchakere

May 20, 2020

At Apportis we are a telemedicine company based out of Dublin, Ohio and are proud to provide a custom telemedicine solution for state departments, associations, companies, clinics, hospitals, schools, colleges and more.

I am proud to be on a traveling team that will visit all 88 Ohio Counties and have the honor of meeting in person with local heroes and leaders worth following all over our Buckeye state!  Soon we will be heading up to:

Williams County, Ohio.

Apportis is a company on the front lines in the battle versus opioid addiction epidemic, mental health & suicide prevention for students, veterans, employees and those caught up in the cruel sex trafficking world, just to name a few areas, with our telemedicine solution.  There are so many fellow Ohioans out there in our communities right now, that need HELP and we can connect them NOW.

Here are some resources for county residents in need of immediate help:

To honor stay at home rules, just like many of you, connections are made via phone calls, video conference calls, emails, social media and more. Technology is a wonderful thing.  But putting forth the effort to travel and meet face to face will always be my favorite!  At the proper time those opportunities for all of us will happen.  Ohioans are strong and we will overcome!

I can’t wait to get up to northwest Ohio and to Williams County!

One of the organizations that we hear is making a difference is the powerful team over at:

Over time, there will be connections made and we will be good listeners to the needs of many great organizations in northwest Ohio as it relates to custom telemedicine options.

Who are a few companies and individuals making a big difference in Williams County, Ohio that you feel we should learn more about and why?

Please contact us via email:

#Ohio88   #GetHelpNow  #Telemedicine


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