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It takes great courage to ask for help — Football Coach sets the example

Written by Phil Payne

May 26, 2020

At Apportis we are a custom telemedicine company based out of Dublin, Ohio. We take great pride in serving others a software solution that serves their needs. It takes great courage for any of us to ask for HELP when we need it. In the world of sports the “Tough Guy” mentality of keeping it all in and not letting anyone see your soft side or weakness has been around forever. Thankfully we can break that up for good!

A college football coach did and in the article linked below ESPN Senior Writer Ivan Maisel, shares an amazing story of a college football coach who secretly battled mental disorders and bi-polar disorder. Please read and share as you see fit. Always remember if you Need Help … please Get Help Now!

Why a college football coach hid his bipolar disorder diagnosis for 30 years


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