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OSU Basketball Player Steps Away From Team to Work on Mental Health …

Written by Eric Ulchakere

May 20, 2020

Ohio State Basketball star-freshman, DJ Carton, has decided to put his career on pause to focus on working through ongoing mental health issues. Carton said in a public announcement “If you’re going through mental health issues, I have learned through this that you are loved and valued.” This is an extremely mature and profound statement from the 19 year old student athlete.

It is common place for college students to feel overwhelmed by their workload. Add competing as a NCAA D1 athlete to a preexisting condition, and it’s no wonder Carton feels the need to work on himself. Far too often undergraduates are inundated with stressors that result in anxiety, depression, etc. However, less that 25 percent of people with depression receive adequate care. It is time for universities to take responsibility and offer a tool to their students to help cope with the mental health crisis today’s young people are facing.

The core of Ohio State’s mission is the Research and Development of products that help the university and can be shared with the community. This is why Apportis has began engagements with OSU’s Smart Cities Initiative. We are working towards piloting our telemental health technology, so that OSU students have a tool to access providers at their time of need. Our solution will enable the university’s Counseling and Consultation Service to reach students in their exact Moment of Readiness™.

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