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How Apportis Is Filling the Need for Tele-Case Management

Written by Page Jennings

March 4, 2021

In order to discuss the merits of tele-case management, a basic understanding of what case management is must be achieved. As defined by the Commission for Case Management Certification, “Case management is a collaborative process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services required to meet the client’s health and human service needs. It is characterized by advocacy, communication, and resource management and promotes quality and cost-effective interventions and outcomes.” That is a fancy way of saying that case management connects those who need help to those that can help, and their journey is guided and tracked by a case manager. Case managers are experts in their field, which can range from behavioral health or substance use all the way to law and financial wellness. Case management is most often used in the social services field such as social work and can also be used by medical, financial and employment specialists. Case managers act as a guide and liaison to those they are working with, helping them connect to resources, make goals, and achieve various outcomes.  

Tele-case management is the same as traditional case management, with the added bonus of being screen to screen instead of face to face. In times of COVID, this is especially important. But COVID is not the only reason that tele-case management is significant and effective. Barriers to transportation, childcare, time off from work, bad weather, severe mental illness and fear of stigma can all be overcome with a screen to screen approach. Apportis saw this need and quickly integrated a tele case management platform into their already existing software. With the Apporis tele-case management platform, clients can make appointments, access resources and speak to their case manager all in the privacy and comfort of their own home. The HIPAA compliant video connection allows for interaction between case manager and participant in a way that no personal or human touch is lost. It is a faster, more effective way of getting help to those in need. Additionally, the online platform allows case managers to quickly type in notes and recommendations, allowing for better note taking and increased quality of care. 

The Apportis tele-case management platform can be configured to work with a large variety of populations. Because no WIFI is needed, case managers can connect with those who may be experiencing homelessness or other situations in which they do not have access to reliable WIFI. Because there is no app to install, case managers can connect with populations who may be uncomfortable with new technology. The Apportis tele-case management platform is a flexible, reliable, easy way for case managers and participants to connect, no matter what the situation or circumstance.  


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