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Addicted to video games? Telemedicine can help you with that

Written by Eric Ulchakere

May 20, 2020

According to a recent NYTimes article, “gaming disorder” refers to a serious addiction to video games; so serious, in fact, that it is now being recognized by the World Health Organization as a legitimate illness. This is big news because addiction to gaming, the article says, is a problem with precious few solutions. As a new illness, relatively few therapists are trained to deal with it, meaning that there are long waitlists for the treatments that are available.

A large base of people who need help, a limited number of qualified professionals, and a pressing need  all call for the implementation of telemedicine. With a telemedicine app like Apportis, these obstacles can be overcome. Those suffering from gaming disorder would no longer be reliant on the single, potentially expensive resource nearest to them. Telemedicine revolutionizes healthcare by giving the patients a choice. When physical distance is no longer a barrier to meeting with a professional, those seeking help can find it from as near or as far as they would like.

Telemedicine democratizes healthcare, allowing patients to act as clients in choosing who services them, from where, and for how much. An illness such as gaming disorder might seem disheartening due to the lack of resources and information that is available. The future of telemedicine doesn’t only bring doctors, therapists, and support in reach: it brings hope to people who didn’t expect it. And that’s something to look forward to.


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