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Telemedicine – Congressional Bills proposed …

Written by Eric Ulchakere

May 20, 2020

As we all know, locally and nationally, the opioid epidemic rages on.  The opioids infiltrate every facet of our lives from honest-medicine application to the non-medicinal application that tears families and individuals apart.

I attended a parent education seminar in 2017 on ‘what is out there’ including, but not limited to, the paraphernalia used.  It is absolutely shocking what is out there, and the coaxing and peddling of those items are what have caused this epidemic.  A whole generation is being lost to addictions.

There is a feeling of desperation now and hindsight is always 20/20.  Telemedicine is beginning (at last!) to get some notice as a potential treatment; anti-addiction process.

In an article by Eric Wicklund (Congress Turns to Telemedicine to Take On Substance Abuse Epidemic, mHealth Intelligence, March 7, 2018), the author cites two Bills going through Congress that allows certain addiction treatment centers and community mental health centers to register with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) to enable them to prescribe controlled substances via telemedicine without a prior in-person examination.

Improving Access to Remote Behavioral Health Treatment Act of 2018


Special Registration for Telemedicine Clarification Act

Both Bills will go a long way to bridging the national shortfall of Psychiatrists, helping the number of citizens suffering from the opioid epidemic crisis, and being able to prescribe anti-addition medication without an in-person consult.

We will continue to follow the developments but in the meantime contact us so we can introduce you to our Telemedicine platform and how we are designed to change the lives of those locally and nationally.

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