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Columbus Startup APPORTIS Goes International …

Written by Eric Ulchakere

May 20, 2020

APPORTIS recently returned from the 2017 Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Philip Payne, founder of APPORTIS, took APPORTIS overseas to showcase his innovative solution to today’s wellbeing and healthcare issues.

APPORTIS was the only U.S. startup selected to be part of the 24-member ALPHA Health and Wellness sector at the international summit, earning the title “one of the most innovative startups in the U.S.”.

Since returning to the United States, Payne is now in talks with Dr. Oz, Oracle, La Liga, and many more to create partnerships and elevate the APPORTIS suite.

The Web Summit provided an app for attendees to view and connect with speakers and other event attendees. From day one, Payne had his eye on connecting with TV personality, Dr. Oz.

Payne tried multiple times to connect with Oz, but had no luck – until he boarded his plane to Portugal and found himself seated next to Oz. During the 13 hour flight, Payne managed to get Dr. Oz’s personal email address and landed a potential partnership with Oz’s business, ShareCare, the perfect partner for APPORTIS.

Oracle, the computer technology corporation, is interested in using APPORTIS as its employee Health and Wellness platform for their EMEA operations headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, while La Liga looks to APPORTIS for an addition to their already developed fitness app.

The current La Liga app allows players to see their off-field workout. However, La Liga is interested in partnering with APPORTIS to create an addition to the platform that adds GPS tracking into players uniforms for in-game workload analysis and allows players to have 24/7 access to nutritionists, trainers, and sports psychologists.

Payne admits he is “new to being an entrepreneur” but his career has always been focused on creating products and solutions. Thanks to the Web Summit, Payne has established connections from across the world that will help APPORTIS launch into success this coming year.


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