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Use the Good Stuff …

Written by Eric Ulchakere

May 20, 2020

I was sorting through my closet, since we have sooo much free time on our hands now…and I found a box of my fancy perfume lotions, just the travel sizes that come with perfume but still the good stuff that you save for a special day. I don’t even remember when I purchased my last bottle of perfume which means these are pretty old.   I never anticipated it would take a quarantine for me to find those special little lotions.  Even though I’ve had plenty of good moments since I purchased those perfumes, with the pace of life, I simply forgot to enjoy.

If scented lotions aren’t you’re thing then most of us can relate to having those “good bottles of wine to save for a special occasion” laying around.  So, the question is what constitutes as a special occasion?  Do you remember the first time you received a genuine accolade that changed you forever or the first time you found a significant other?  I still do, and the memory is so clear even though the rest of life looks like a fast blur.  I’m sure going to bed the night before, you didn’t anticipate that the next day you were going to meet a special person or become someone’s special person or hear something that was specifically meant for you, that was going to change your life forever.  Even if you did go to bed and think that tomorrow was going to be a great day, you really couldn’t have imagined just how special & memorable it was going to be.  There is good stuff – even great stuff in each day.   I’m not saying break out that Dom Perignon but if you do, more power to you and relish in that enjoyment.  You deserve it.

Society is going through a dark time right now; job losses, financial worry, mental/depressive battles and health issues to just list the very tip of the iceberg.  The day before COVID was even a word in our vocabulary, let alone a prison of quarantine, we were carrying on – as we should – with our day to day.  Now we are in quarantine with lots of time to think, and I’m sure most of you need to do some sorting as well (someone needed to hear that), so decide that today and tomorrow and every day after that is going to be that one day that stood out for that special reason that day was meant to happen.  Stay focused, stay strong, keep your head up, it will all work out, you are not alone, call someone, ask for help, and allow tomorrow to happen so we can continue to allow life to give us those magical moments.

Tomorrow is always a good idea but for now, this today was yesterday’s tomorrow that you were so excited for…how are you going to remember it?  Embrace your moments and thank life for allowing you to experience the special ones. I know it’s a cliché thing to say but it is true, you don’t know when your allotted time of moments on this earth is done so go on and use a few pumps and not just a dab of that good lotion – and enjoy!


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