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Be An Amazing Partner Sticking to Apportis’ Company Values In Unprecedented Times

Written by Eric Ulchakere

May 20, 2020

At Apportis we are a telemedicine company based out of Dublin, Ohio and firmly on the front lines of the battle versus evil of the opioid addiction epidemic, mental health & suicide prevention for our high school / college students, veterans / first responders and those caught up in the cruel sex trafficking world.  We do so with a customized solution available 24/7 using your cell phone and confidentially connecting those in that moment of need to the help they need . . . NOW.   We have inspiring leadership with our company founder and an awesome team daily trying to live out our core values.  One of which is . . . Be An Amazing Partner.

a·maz·ing     /əˈmāziNG/     adjective     causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.

part·ner       /ˈpärtnər/         noun     either of a pair of people engaged together in the same activity.
                                              verb       be the partner of working toward common goal
We have a true team at Apportis all bringing different skill sets to the table and pulling and lifting each other up pursing a common goal to make a big dent in serving others by saving lives and encouraging families on this journey called life filled with challenges.  I am consistently surprised at the willingness of our Apportis team to leave the ego’s at the door and do anything and everything to engage together.
My co-workers at Apportis model what it means to Be An Amazing Partner by doing the opposite of W I I F M.  You have heard of What’s in it for Me?  well of course you have.  Many of us have in previous work or on sports teams been exposed to these types of team members and co-workers.  Selfishly focusing on work and actions that only advances their career or puts them in position to hit personal goals.   Instead of a focus on ME attitude our team consistently chooses a WE are in this together attitude and getting one step closer to reaching common goals.
Our focus on Be An Amazing Partner also extends to the consultants,  state agencies, community partners and companies that we work with to help others have access to and be aware of our solution that will save lives in Ohio and beyond!  We simply want to encourage you in that moment of need to get the help you need and do it NOW!  Talk about a win/win/win  that leads to us helping our partners reaching their goals too and saving lives on the way.  How can you model being an amazing partner for your family, friends, sports teams and in the work place?


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