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Wight State University Wellness Coach: Financial Wellness Brings Relief

Written by Jacob Wells

May 28, 2021

Last fall, I volunteered to be a coach for our inaugural “Wellness Wednesday” program, and that came with many unknowns. What would the structure be like? What would the turnout be? What exactly would we be doing as coaches? Still, aside from all those unknowns, I wanted to help coach anybody that could benefit from these Wellness Wednesday sessions. Throughout the program, it developed into more than I ever thought of. Having Apportis to use as a means to connect with other coaches and students and coaches was something that was very beneficial. To add onto that, hearing perspectives from other students about their knowledge of specific areas of the wellness wheel, which they spent time researching and creating presentations, was something that I found very insightful for myself.

As a coach tasked with presenting on financial wellness, I even learned some tips and tricks for myself on how I could better my own financial wellness for the future. Prior to these Wellness Wednesday sessions, I only thought of wellness as physical and mental wellbeing, but I was wrong. Wellness incorporates so much more, as the wellness wheel would show. Being a coach and attending these sessions is something I am grateful for. I typically am not the type to volunteer for something with so many unknowns, but I am glad I did this time, as it helped educate me in many ways, and I was able to share my knowledge of financial wellness with others.


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