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Wright State University Wellness Coach: A New Outlook on Isolation

Written by Nycole Hicks

May 14, 2021

Throughout my time at WSU, I’ve had many meaningful experiences, but I will admit that the Wellness program is marked as one of the most meaningful. I have made it my responsibility to holistically dedicate myself to the wellbeing of others while putting my own needs on the back burner. Given my passion, values and interest, I’ve never considered what I do as a burden or hassle because I love what I do. The Wellness program allowed me to take a step back and think about myself for once. The pandemic has been a challenging phase through my graduate school journey mentally, physically, emotionally and over the course of this time I did not take much consideration to attend my own needs. School has always been my first priority and with priorities comes sacrifices and the sacrifice happened to be my well-being.

I’ve always prided myself on being a social individual because any setting I am more than willing to engage but as time have progressed that part of me has changed. Due to the pandemic, I’ve been choosing isolation more outside of work, class or family gatherings. I used to be the individual always ready and on go for the next outing, excursion or lunch date but now I much rather be alone or in the house. I was assigned the Social Wellness in which was a no brainer for me because it’s like second nature but throughout the assignment I had realized that I needed to get back to the old me and I am grateful for that.


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