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I want’ never gets …

Written by Eric Ulchakere

May 20, 2020

Manners and politeness have always been instilled in me.  From my parents, from life, my Scottish heritage and from my days at Boarding School.  It is enough to make my skin crawl nowadays when I see or hear anything to the contrary to good manners and politeness.

The earliest lesson was from my parents when, in a childhood fit, I would often exclaim “I want that ball!”  Swiftly, my parent(s) would reply “Jamie, ‘I want’ never gets.  The correct thing to say is ‘I would like…'”  It was a great leveler for me and made me think and appreciate the mannerly approach to requests.  The ‘I would like’-approach would detoxify the situation immediately.

Over the years through sports and life, Health and Wellness has often been a motivating factor.  I knew if I didn’t have health and wellness, the level of sports and life I WANTED to achieve was not attainable.  Therefore, I recalculated my approach to sports and life and rephrased my desire to: I would like to achieve “x” in sports/life.

That personally-polite approach to whatever I desired, shared with my working knowledge of health and wellness, transformed and channeled my energies in a non-toxic way to achieve an international sports career, a world record, a strong family life, and a continued focus on my health and wellness.  It got me to where I am today.

Try it!  I challenge you.

Go after what you want.  Um.  I mean.  Go after what you would like.


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