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Journal Entry 6 – Laissez les bon temps rouler! …

Written by Eric Ulchakere

May 20, 2020

My family has had a four-day vacation planned to New Orleans for months now.  Possibly the worst timing to start a new diet and wellness routine when you go to a city known for incredible food!

I tried my best to not eat everything in sight, limit my beignet (French Donuts at Café Du Monde ) consumption to mere mortal levels, and sample rather than gorge. I believe I did my best, but I still put weight back on (I need to update my profile so my coach can see my set back.) Still, there is a silver lining to this post.  I really have nothing impeding me for the next 60 days. No travel, no crazy events that I can’t handle… nothing but time to test my mettle. Can I make a change in my life?

Time to dig in and let the good times roll!



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