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Learn the ABCs of Viral Hepatitis

Written by David Stauder

May 1, 2020

Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C are three types of viral hepatitis. Although each type of viral hepatitis is caused by a different virus and is spread in different ways, they all affect the liver and can cause serious health problems according to the CDC. Learn the ABC’s of Hepatitis.

Apportis is proud to be providing a solution to benefit patients who need help in many areas. During this time of social distancing, telemedicine enables patients who are shut-in or housebound to reach out for services without the need to leave home, making it easier to manage their conditions without in-person consultations. This National Hepatitis Awareness Month, all are asked to join Apportis in spreading the word and encouraging others to get educated on this epidemic that impacts so many.

Please use #HepAware2020, #HepTestingDay, and #hepatitis to raise awareness on social media.


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